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Everyone today seems to be trying to sell some sort of “function” to you.

“It will energize you!” Don’t mind the minor heart palpitations and chemicals...
“It will make you lose weight!” Huh??
“It can replace your well balanced meal!” I’ll let Grandma know.
“It can hydrate you better than water!” Wow?

OR, the drinks have straight up “artificial” sweetners but they are “sparkling” in 100 different flavors and only cost a buck if you buy 10 of these, not really good for you, libations.

We want to call “BS!”

Check the labels folks! Are we the onli ones bothered by this ridiculousness? If you’re thirsty, is what you ultimately want something to quench your thirst that doesn’t have side effects that ought to be listed like pharmaceuticals?

We don’t even have to worry about selling you on a lie. We have 100% all natural, awesome, ingredients and we have bubbles. That’s it. On an even better note, our flavors were created by chefs. These guys are good. A pain in the “a$$” to work with, but very good at what they do. So, they allow us to deliver a unique, great tasting, chef inspired, beverage right to your lips.
Plus, we’re sexy. Tall, thin and smokin’ cold.
Go ahead and drink what you wish, but don’t send us the doctor’s bills. That wouldn’t be fair.

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